Sevcan Sönmez

I feel like

DURATION: 3min 26sec

Everyone sometimes feel like this, I know. This is a symbolic nightmare. An image of the feeling, which is running through many of the women’s mind in the world. Life is an ongoing conflict… you endeavour, but it is so easy to find yourself submerging. When everybody’s sleeping at home and morning is coming with my headache; I can’t sleep because of these images in my head

Sevcan Sonmez


(Turkey, 1983)

Sevcan Sönmez was born in Turkey. She got her PHD degree in Cinema and Television by Social Sciences Institute in Anadolu University. She works as an academic at Yaşar University, Department of Film Design. She works at the level of video art for the last five years. She also makes short films and documentary films. She made one solo exhibition and several group exhibitions.