Rodrigo Rosa

Mono’s Social Anomally

DURATION: 1min 40sec

The social function for a common tv is to talk to the humans through cable shows. Mono’s a special tv, it can’t talk to humans

The artist looks at Mono’s Social Anomaly as a sort of visual playground as to what happens when an electronic communication object like an old TV, which is designed with the purpose of communicating with us humans through images produced by ourselves, stops producing images and only produces static.

He started working on the sound and he found a fitting image to create a sound – image synchronization. The sound was very reminiscent of the noises produced by electronic devices, mainly telephones and old mono TVs. Then he decided to use glitch imagery in the transitions between videos and the animations because it is something associated with these sort of devices, especially if they are old and overused.

Rodrigo Ryuuzaki


(Portugal, 1997)

Rodrigo Rosa is an emerging contemporary artist from Portugal, and a self-taught graphic designer. He started his artistic career in 2015 and, at the same time, he started his degree in Visual Arts. Currently he lives and studies in Faro under Portugal’s most influential artists of the last 30 years: Rui Sanches, Pedro Cabral Santo and Alexandre Barata – aka Xana.