Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma

Es todo lo que tengo para darte

DURATION: 7min 09sec

It’s all I have to give you is an audiovisual in which, to a music previously composed, the artist integrates abstract linear patterns whose morphology, size and color evolve in a constant way. They are animated from beginning to end, almost frame by frame, and without cuts in the continuity of the frontal plane on a background of colors with variable opacity. At the rhythm of the sound, with a synchrony, also appear spiders, beetles, crabs, butterflies, bats: photos of taxidermized specimens, which the artist shot at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Mar del Plata, are animated with the music.

Organic and dynamic shapes, bright and cheerful colors, dead and still beautiful “bugs” come back to life, rhythmic and emotive music. It was a long and complex audio and video editing process, with weeks of experimentation and adjustments, so the artist felt that at that moment it was all he had to give.

Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma


(Argentina, 1969)

Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma is an artist, audiovisual producer and journalist. He studied social communication, made courses of film and video. He made more than 70 video art and experimental shots, including digital editing and soundtracks. His works were selected and screened at festivals in Argentine, Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Japan, Mexico, United States and Spain.