Manasak Khlongchainan


DURATION: 4min 16sec

Since taking power on 22nd May 2014, Thailand’s military authorities has jailed opposition leaders, set a curfew and shut down hundreds of websites. They have also cracked down on academics and journalists. The artist tries to reflect the myth from his hometown in┬ánortheast Thailand, it’s about the ghost and soul. The souls couldn’t get away from their places, their memory. They get stuck in their rooms forever.

Manasak Khlongchainan


(Thailand, 1985)

Manasak Khlongchainan holds bachelor degree from Bangkok University major in Broadcasting and Films. After he left from university, he visited China as a Thai teacher for 1 year. After he came back to Thailand, he started to work at Television program and he started to make short film and video experiments.