Jack Friswell

Comet Perfume 

DURATION: 8min 50sec

Comet Perfume is a folk tale of an ecological catastrophe set in a place outside of time and history. Filmed within the subterranean sulphur networks of a Volcano the narrator draws on similarities between the odour of space and that beneath the Earth’s crust. The protagonist describes a foreign world of mutated cultures, inhabitants of extreme atmospheres excavating the last of the minerals. The film is a meditation on our relationship with materials and the darkness that surrounds us.

Jack Friswell


(United Kingdom, 1988)

Jack Friswell is an artist and filmmaker based in Bristol. He is graduated from Wimbledon College of Art and his films and installations have been shown internationally. His work explores an array of historical artefacts and references, addressing our relationship with the myth, memory and storytelling.