Hong Yane Wang

Are You Sleeping

DURATION: 2min 19sec

The artist made this video, inspired by the mask that her nephew wears in the heavily polluted Beijing and the rainbow-like air pollution index. Air pollution has had an impact around the world, from China to Europe. On 15 February 2017, five European countries, including Italy, were served with the European Commission’s final warnings over air pollution breaches.

The Chinese part of the video re-enacts the reality, whereas the European part predicts the future if the issue is not addressed.

Hong Yane Wang


(China, 1979)

Hong Yane Wang is a Chinese video artist and filmmaker based in London. She worked with the conventional formats in film and TV for years and now she finds herself attracted to alternative ways of screen-based storytelling. She currently works as a Production Coordinator at the award-winning film VFX company, Framestore, in London.