Giulia Simoncelli

Our Mask 

DURATION: 2min 22sec

This short film shows the artist’s personal view on the mask theme. It’s a mask that we wear, that we notice on the others, that weights on us, that crumbles. The video shows some motionless, indifferent and silent close-ups. In the meanwhile, a voice-over is asking the viewers some questions and then it tries to give itself cynical and uncertain answers. There are also some natural landscape in transparency, such as the various and different facets of the mask.

Giulia Simoncelli


(Italy, 1996)

Giulia Simoncelli have studied Multimedia at Depero Art College in Rovereto and during this period she dealed with individual and collective projects. She got an internship on the film set of The habit of beauty. Now she is studying Cinema at DAMS in Bologna.