Selected artists of the first edition of Mr. Mov Video Art Festival, Brescia, Italy, 2017.

Arianna Zannoni

Arianna Zannoni - In The Pallid Light - Still1
In the pallid light  PRODUCTION DATE: 2017 DURATION: 8min 30sec The video is a fixed-camera shooting on a fragment of reality: suspended moments in which everything seems paralyzed and nothing changes are matched with others in which cars enter and leave the scene in a continuous and unpredictable flow. The audio is always present in the...

Tim Wulff

Tim Wulff - Match - Still2
MATCH PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 4min 44sec “I wish I would be interested in tennis. It's probably not that hard to understand the game. I probably would be someone else. It would be a life with more sense” TIM WULFF (Germany, 1990) Tim Wulff lives in Berlin and works everywhere. He’s the founder and the...

Margaret Wilson

Margaret Wilson - Sculpture 1 - Still1
Sculpture I (tableau)  PRODUCTION DATE: 2017 DURATION: 4min Sculpture I (tableau) is a new exploration of video and the self projection.  The nature of digital editing allows for a dematerialized body that highlights the portrait and the gesture rather than the figure as a sculptural object.  Multiplication allows for a "projection" of complex self, just...

Przemek Wegrzyn

Przemek Wegzyn - Practice - Still1
Practice PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 10min  As cities spread, the demand for space grows. However, it does not refer to living only but to the dead as well. The work explores the development of new large city cemetery and technical aspects of funeral industry. In a society in which success and security are crucial, death is...

Roland Wegerer

Roland Wegerer - The Air Between The Fingers - Still1
THE AIR BETWEEN THE FINGERS PRODUCTION DATE: 2015 DURATION: 4min 17sec A finger performance in 25 layers. Each layer is shifted for 0.5 seconds. ROLAND WEGERER  (Austria, 1974) Roland Wegerer creates media artworks, photos, sculptures and performances. By questioning the concept of movement, he tries to grasp language. Website

Hong Yane Wang

Hong Yane Wang - Are You Sleeping - Still2
Are You Sleeping PRODUCTION DATE: 2017 DURATION: 2min 19sec The artist made this video, inspired by the mask that her nephew wears in the heavily polluted Beijing and the rainbow-like air pollution index. Air pollution has had an impact around the world, from China to Europe. On 15 February 2017, five European countries, including Italy, were...

Roberto Voorbij

Roberto Voorbij - Without clear purpose - Still2
Without clear purpose  PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 2min 50sec A federal police helicopter slowly turns into an insect, a drone, an orchestrated swarm of eyes. ROBERTO VOORBIJ (Holland, 1974) Roberto Voorbij lives and works in Amsterdam. He holds a bachelor degree in Visual arts and Art History from the Utrecht School of Arts and he...

Laura Tonin

Laura Tonin - Parol-a-sincronia - Still1
Parol-A-sincronia PRODUCTION DATE: 2017 DURATION: 53sec This video is a tribute to Futurism. The sound is the original one from the poem Bombardamento di Adrianopoli, parole in libertà of Marinetti. In addition to this sound, there’re also other 4 tracks. In the meanwhile, 25 radios broadcast the words of the poem. Synchrony and A-synchrony of...

Džiugas Šukys

Dziugas Sukys - Unfinished ideas - Still1
(Un)finished ideas  PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 3min 41sec "What is meaningful? What is not? These are the main questions I ask myself all the time. By doing so I create video documentations about me doing something that might not seem quite significant from the beginning" "However, in the meantime, by colliding with those found items,...

Sevcan Sönmez

Sevcan Sonmez - I feel like - Still1
I feel like PRODUCTION DATE: 2017 DURATION: 3min 26sec “Everyone sometimes feel like this, I know. This is a symbolic nightmare. An image of the feeling, which is running through many of the women’s mind in the world. Life is an ongoing conflict... you endeavour, but it is so easy to find yourself submerging. When...
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