Billy Sims

Google Rhapsody

DURATION: 9min 30sec

In Google Rhapsody, a single image serves as the onset for a potentially continuous chain of imagery. One image queues a search, providing Google content, which can then be evaluated, for relevant subject and pattern. The results are then fed back in to this process. In reconciling a wide range of available images, the search engine must swim across disciplines, evincing a semiotic coherence that is as indistinguishable as possible from that of the user.

This allows for a diversity of imagery which envelopes given disciplines of image production. In this way, even while Google employs centralized indexing, its means and coherence is materially dispersed.

Tempo Rubato

DURATION: 3min 03sec

The images used for this animation were collected from Google Image searches. Priority was given to images with explicit commercial intentions. Many are from advertisements, magazines, stock photo collections and celebrity publicity shoots. This selective process was intended to filter down the immense range of images readily available to just those that were created for some type of public eye – images that wanted, compositionally, to be seen.

In this animation, frame rate and the flow of imagery are moderated roughly by a prerecorded audio excerpt. The excerpt was made using two audio mixers, each fed back through themselves thereby creating variable pitches and rhythmic patterns.

Billy Sims


(USA, 1989)

Billy Sims is a contemporary artist working in video and the expanded field. He received his MFA in 2016 from the School of the Art Institute. His current work is preoccupied with sensation, technology, and the socio-material body and focuses particularly of the phenomena of urbanization and globalism.