Barbara Oettinger

Whether in the air or earth, in the fire or water

DURATION: 7min 11sec

This film explores the relationship between humanity, landscape and the four elements – earth, air, water and fire – while immersed in a meditative state. At the same time, the film conveys the reflections and emotions of an existentially beleaguered narrator. Through this device, the film addresses the sublimation of the four elements, and death as a confrontation between the mystical and the rational.

Barbara Oettinger


(Chile, 1981)

Barbara Oettinger has a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Chile and a Master of Arts from the Catholic University of Chile. She has participated in various exhibitions and screenings in cultural centres, galleries and museums around the world. She is currently enrolled in the MFA in Integrated Practices at Pratt Institute in New York, which is being funded by the Chilean government.