Piotr Piasta

Piorun Stanislaw from Brudnow 


Piorun Stanislaw from Brudnow comes from the series Last Object, which is a collection of portraits of old people who live in a rural area in central Poland. We do not see them in the film but we can hear their voices, see objects they used in their past and objects they use now. In this particular film, we meet Mr. Stanislaw Piorun at his house. He tells a story about a curse which can be spelled just by a sheer admiration. Mr. Piorun gives a solution on how to get rid of a curse.

Piotr Piasta


(Poland, 1981)

Piotr Piasta was born in Poland, where he currently lives and works. He is a visual artist, independent filmmaker and a photographer. He was Berwick Visual Arts artist in residence in partnership with the Centre for Rural Economy at the Newcastle University between October 2014 and March 2015. His artwork explores themes of history, time and memory often within a rural context.