Eyal Segal

One Thousand & Seven

DURATION: 14min 27sec

One Thousand & Seven is filmed in Israel and Japan. The artist choose to deal with two locations, Judea and Japan, that both contain stories of history involving life and death in the two cultures. Focusing on the place as a trace that continues to exist even after many years have gone by, the artist shows 1007 characters. The diptych could be seen as meeting point between east and west, raising questions of human nature, morality, life and death, shame and dignity.

Eyal Segal_One thousand & seven_2


(Israel, 1982)

Eyal Segal lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. After completing his studies at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, he began working as a studio director for the world-recognized video artist Sigalit Landau, for a period of five years. In 2013, he exhibited his first Solo exhibition in the Negev museum of art in Israel, and since then, he participated in exhibitions in museums, art spaces and international art festivals all over the world.