Selected artists of the first edition of Mr. Mov Video Art Festival, Brescia, Italy, 2017.

Sarah Choo

Sarah Choo - Wear you all night - Still2
Wear you all night PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 4min 38sec The potential narrative here is suggested by the actions of the male and female character, as well as the composition of the set. This installation work reflects upon the subjectivity of the camera in parallel to that of a staged narrative. The scene presented is...

Janaye Brown

Janaye Brown - main pic
In the Kitchen: Three PRODUCTION DATE: 2017 DURATION: 6min 02sec “A woman finds herself in her kitchen, contemplating her marital status” In the Kitchen presents eight vignettes that take place in kitchens around New York City. The compactness of city dwellings means that rooms are often used for more than their designated functions; as the utilitarian hub...

Neno Belchev

Neno Belchev - Black Cat and an i-Pad - Still1
Black Cat and i-pad  PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 26sec "Do we need that much all this technical progress, given that in our hearts we are still the same petty and greedy souls, who are ready any time to kill even their own brother for a trifle and anything useless? What does it matter that we...

Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma

Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma - Es todo lo que tengo para darte - Still1
Es todo lo que tengo para darte PRODUCTION DATE: 2016 DURATION: 7min 09sec It's all I have to give you is an audiovisual in which, to a music previously composed, the artist integrates abstract linear patterns whose morphology, size and color evolve in a constant way. They are animated from beginning to end, almost frame...

Pierre Ajavon

Pierre Ajavon - Naked Eye - Still2
A l'oeil nu (Naked eye) PRODUCTION DATE: 2015 DURATION: 5min 06sec In order to "film the sound" and to turn the sounds into images, Naked eye confronts our vision to the opacity of fantasy. PIERRE AJAVON (France, 1966) Pierre Ajavon was born in Paris. He’s a video artist, multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, arranger and sound...
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