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After a pause lasting one year, connection will be re-established in the summer of 2018. Mr Mov 2, a festival dedicated to video art, will take place for the second time in the city of Brescia, seen as a place to connect and enhance the work of international artists.

The signal has been reactivated: in this edition the screens of Mr Mov 2 will light up, offering an overview of some of the latest trends emerging in the world of audiovisual arts. Eleven budding curators will select the works through an open call, without imposing any thematic limitations.

On the night streets of a muggy Brescia, the public will witness a spatial blackout, an intermittent short circuit structured like a path in stages: the moments of reflection inside the places dedicated to the festival will be alternated with the exploration of the city streets, connecting the spaces of Mr Mov 2.

In a era in which everything runs too fast, we aim to make people think about the importance of time, trying also to attract the fleeting and momentary attention of the observer and to extend its duration, limiting as much as possible the passivity of the vision.

10 curators

International artists

In Brescia

Summer 2018